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[[Ki rests her head in Sam's chest on the campus quad]]
Ki narrating: Needless to say, that was far from our last date. Sam and I were virtually inseparable after that, and it wasn't long before we were going steady.

[[Ki and Sam are cuddling in a dim room; Ki is in shorts and a bra and Sam is in shorts]]
Ki narrating: There was one rough spot early on, where he was a little too eager to get more physical. After I warned him that I had certain standards set for myself, he backed off and respected my wishes. That didn't mean we didn't have our steamy moments, however.

[[Ki is walking with Fooker]]
Ki narrating: Fooker, true to his word, was always looking out for me. He'd ask how things were going. There's a slim chance he was a bit jealous, but he grew out of it quickly.

[[Ki introduces Fooker to Sam, who seems happy to see him at first]]
Ki narrating: I could see, though, that he and Sam weren't going to get along. Usually, they rarely crossed paths. But since I was close to both of them, I hoped they would get to be friends.

[[Fooker and Sam glare at each other over Ki's head. Ki is smiling obliviously]]
Ki narrating: It didn't happen. I'm fairly certain Sam was jealous of the time I spent with Fooker, and I don't know if Fooker just didn't trust Sam or what, but I could tell the friction was mutual.

[[Ki is smiling while Fooker and Sam bump shoulders and glare at each other]]
Ki narrating: Maybe optimism blinded me, or I was too in love to really notice, but I was in the middle of a powder keg, holding the lit fuse...

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