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Ki: [[narrating]] Of course, while I told Mom all about my boyfriends, Dad took very little interest. That changed, of course, the instant they heard of the engagement. We flew home on Thanksgiving so they could meet Sam.

Ki: [[narrating]] Mom was Mom. She was happy so long as I was happy. Sam seemed to sufficiently impress her (there was a comment about his muscles I'd rather not hear from my mother). That left Dad's approval.

Ki: [[narrating]] Dad, of course, was not as warm as Mom. He had hoped I would have found an Asian boy to settle down with, but with some gentle prodding from Mom, he seemed to accept Sam... Especially when he heard how much his dad made.

Ki: [[narrating]] Mind you, Dad was a bit more open-minded then. Before long, Sam was making contacts for Dad, and helped get him a managerial position at one of Sam's dad's nearby plants. I felt like part of a business transaction, but at least Dad was happy.

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