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[[Ki is holding a snowball out to an upset Sam]]
Ki narrating: Going back to school felt odd after Christmas. Sam was a little more distant at first, but with a little coaxing, I got him back to his old self.

[[Ki holds a "Party" sheet of paper, while Sam, surprised, apparently refuses]]
Ki narrating: But I did notice some other subtle changes. He didn't open a door here, canceled a date for ball practice there... I didn't pay it much mind, but chalked it up to being comfortable with each other.

[[Ki looks concerned while others whisper in the background]]
Ki narrating: I noticed the way others acted around us changed as well. The cheerleaders would whisper when I was around, and the football players (except Josh) seemed a little too joking. Same would occasionally argue with them, but I didn't know about what.

[Fooker trips and drops his food. Sam and two others laugh while Ki appears annoyed.]].
Ki narrating: There was one thing, though, that he could always agree with the players about, and I didn't like it one bit.

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