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[[Ki narrates her history with Sam]]
Needless to say, Sam wasn't happy. Josh told me he spent a couple hours in the gym, working out his aggressions. I wasn't very sympathetic. It was just a HAIR CUT.

But then Josh opened up what Sam had confided in him and never told me. The pressure had been really intense for him lately. NFL scouts were watching his games, and an inside source hinted that he was a frontrunner for a Heisman.

He also said Sam's parents were really pressuring him to break up with me. I never learned if it was my social class, independence, or even ethnicity they disapproved of.

[[Flashback to a conversation between Josh and Ki]]
Josh: Then there's all the teasing he gets from the cheerleaders and the team.
Ki: Teasing? What sort of teasing?

Josh: Oh... um, well, you know.
Ki: Obviously, I don't.
Josh: Er, how you're... ya know... not giving him any...?

Ki: Is THAT why everyone's laughing and snickering behind my back? Because I haven't SLEPT with him?
Josh: D-Don't hurt the messenger!

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