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[[Sandra walks by while Ki talks with two cheerleaders]]
Ki narrating: The scuttlebutt had Sandra, the cheer squad's resident matress with hair, "servicing" Sam to make up for my "short-comings." Sandra, of course, was conveniently nowhere to be found.

[[Josh sees Sam with Sandra]]
Ki narrating: Nanese didn't believe the rumor, but Josh said he saw Sam and Sandra flirting after the last night's game. Sandra flirted with everyone, though, and I'm not going to go ballistic over something as simple as that.

[[Ki approaches Sam]]
Ki narrating: I was very cautious when I broached the topic with Sam. I calmly made it clear I wasn't accusing. I just wanted the truth. And he swore to me he hadn't slept with her, and he seemed completely sincere.

[[Ki embraces Sam]]
Ki narrating: I wasn't sure I believed him. If it WAS a lie, it was a good one. But whether it was guilt or shock that I even thought he'd cheat on me, I could tell it hurt him, and I never wanted to hurt him again.

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