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[[Fooker approaches Ki]]
Fooker: Hey, uh, Ki. I'm... sorry to hear about Sam...
Ki: We haven't broken up. I don't believe he cheated on me.

[[Fooker looks surprised and angry]]
Fooker: Whozzawha? It's all over the school, even the CS Department!
Ki: Look, Fooker, I asked him about it, and he said it wasn't true. I believe him.

[[Fooker looks angry]]
Fooker: What's _wrong_ with you? Are you _sure_ you're the same chick who crunched my boys? Sam treats you like dirt. He ignores you, he walks all over you, and when half the campus says he cheated on you, you _defend_ him!

[[Ki looks angry]]
Ki: You don't know him like I do! I see past the lies and see him as he really is!
Fooker: Sorry, Ki. But if anyone is blind here, it's not me...

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