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[[Ki stands in the doorway of Sam's apartment]]
Ki narrating: Sam was rather quick and eager to accept my decision. In hindsight, I'd be rather annoyed by his lack of consideration for how hard this was for me, but I was far too nervous then to think of that.

[[Sam leans in to kiss Ki's neck]]
Ki narrating: I... did my best to throw myself into the moment and enjoy it, and there WAS a tingle of excitement about it. But there was still a part of my brain screaming in protest that nothing could silence.

[[Sam kisses Ki and carries her to the bed]]
Ki narrating: He... laid me on the bed and... started to undress me... everything began to become a blur...

[[Back to Ki telling her story to Nick]]
Nick: But... you didn't go through with it... did you... ?

[[Ki tears up]]

[[Ki start crying and hold her tears. Nick looks uncomfortable]]

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