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[[Sam climbs on Ki in an attempt to rape her]]
Ki narrating: The blow stunned me. It took a moment to realize what was happening, and Sam seized that moment of weakness.

[[Ki struggles as Sam seizes her wrists]]
Ki narrating: I've always been fiercely independant, and part of that has been to compensate for my size. But deep inside I've always known that's mostly a facade. If it really came down to it, a woman like me could never hold up against a man like Sam.

[[Sam goes down on Ki]]
Ki narrating: He locked my wrists quickly, and the sheer weight of his huge body was enough to pin the rest of me. I struggled like an ant beneath a foot as he pinned my leg.

[[Ki knees Sam in the face]]
Ki narrating:Then I got lucky. He never did get that other leg pinned...

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