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[[Fooker lets Ki in just before Sam reaches her]]
Ki narrating: Fooker didn't ask questions. He didn't even make a snide remark. He simply let me in and quickly tried to shut the door.

[[Sam hits the door with his shoulder, forcing it open]]
Ki narrating: However, Sam had gathered enough momentum to bash the door before it was fully closed. He was furious, and wasn't about to let anything or anyone stop him.

[[Ki cowers while Fooker stands defiant]]
Ki narrating: I cowered behind Fooker. I didn't expect him to be more than a speed bump to Sam. After all, Fooker's far from being a formidable presence...

[[Sam throws a punch, but Fooker blocks it]]
Ki narrating: But I somehow suspect that, although I didn't know it at the time, Fooker was already moonlighting for the UGA at that point.

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