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[[Sam knocks Fooker's glasses off]]
Ki narrating: The two of them traded blows for several minutes. Fooker was quick and agile, but Sam was large and powerful. "David and Goliath" may have been too powerful a metaphor...

[[Sam is knocked to the ground as a result of Fooker's kick]]
Ki narrating: ... But the outcome was largely the same.

[[Sam staggers off]]
Ki narrating: By that point, the noise had attracted the attention of a few onlookers. Sam pulled a hasty strategic retreat.

[[Fooker holds out a shirt for Ki]]
Ki narrating: Fooker dispersed the crowd, got me a shirt to put on, and locked me in his room long enough to tell the RA what happened.

[[Fooker returns to his room as Ki sits on his bed]]
Ki narrating: After a few minutes, he came back. He asked if I wanted to call the campus police, and if I needed somewhere safe to stay.

[[Ki cries into Fooker's chest]]
Ki narrating: There was only one thing I needed at that moment, and he was more than happy to oblige me.

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