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Ki: I suppose I should go ahead and finish the rest of my story...
Nick: Although I have a good idea of what happens next...

[[Sam is holding a ring case and looking sad]]
Ki narrating: Sam tried to apologize. I'll give him credit for seeming sincere, but I warned him that he crossed a line that was extremely difficult and doubtful that I could ever forgive. I promptly returned the ring and we officially broke up.

[[Cheerleaders are talking behind Ki's back]]
Ki narrating: Rumors quickly flew around the school. Some had Sam cheating on me, others had me cheating on him (with Fooker!). I didn't care, and Sam never said anything either, mostly I think because he was embarassed that Fooker kicked his butt.

[[Fooker walks with Ki as they pass Sam, whose face has an expression of silent regret]]
Ki narrating: Fooker wouldn't let me walk alone for a long time. But Sam never bothered me again. Even if we passed in the hall, he'd say hello with a sad look on his face. I think he was genuinely sorry, but he knew he went too far.

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