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[[Ki's mother turns and looks at Ki's father, who is kicking a trash can]]
Ki narrating: Mom was very understanding about the breakup. Dad... wasn't. While I never told him exactly what happened, I think mom told him later. He broke a toe kicking a trash can and couldn't golf for weeks.

[[Ki's father's boss is holding out a paper to Ki's father in his office]]
Ki narrating: Remember that job Sam arranged for dad? Well, it wasn't long after the break-up that dad was fired for "improper use of company property," something about some equipment he swore his boss gave him permission to use.
{{Reference to the "unrelated reason" for Trish's firing- and an implication that Ki's father may have been correct?}}

[[Ki's father's silhouette ponders]]
Ki narrating: Dad quickly put two and two together, and it didn't matter if four was the outcome. He assumed that since his daughter's fiance didn't get what he wanted, daddy would make a good target for revenge.

[[Ki's father looks out a window]]
Ki narrating: There was never any proof to support his theory, of course, but that never stopped him. Dad was bitter in some ways before that, but this raised him to an all new level. Unfortunately, you got the brunt of his wrath.

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