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[[This strip contains no text; all "dialog" occurs in balloons depicting additional pictures. Fooker, talking with Sharon and Fred, complains that he has been cleaning up after Fred nonchalantly leaves a mess everywhere he goes.]]

[[Fred asserts that "Fred + bleach = Fred's tombstone", implying that Fooker's cleaning products might kill him. As he "says" this, one pseudopod gestures toward and almost touches Sharon.]]

[[Sharon draws her arms up and across her chest in a protective manner. She yells something: the "word balloon" depicts Fred holding and manipulating a marionette of Sharon, perhaps implying Sharon's distrust of Fred now that his ability to "puppet" humans has been revealed.]]

[[Fred asks, likely in a sarcastic but threatening manner, what might happen if Sharon is exposed to bleach. Sharon shakes with rage, and Fooker holds her back away from Fred.]]

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