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[Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Sunday, November 6, 2005]

That's right, gang! It's time for more Interpretations, where some of your favorite online cartoonists give you their take on the GPF gang. Today's "comic" is from none other than the master of all things El Goonish Shive, Dan Shive. The story behind this strip is a funny one. Way back during Comic-Con 2005, Dan was so enamored with both his new digital camera and his just purchased Fred the Slime Mold plush doll that he decided to do some experimentation. After a little bit of work in Paint Shop Pro, this is the result. If you haven't read EGS, then it's high time you did. Many Faulties are also EGS "bunnies," and the two strips share many of the same traits and spirit. If you like GPF, you'll probably find EGS right up your alley.


Hey, what are these mouth-washing strips doing here?


I'll, um, be leaving now...


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