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[Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Tuesday, November 8, 2005]

Today's Interpretation is from Mark Mekkes, the space cadet behind Zortic. I personally lobbied to get Zortic invited into Keenspot, as it's one of my daily favorites. However, I do feel this strip deserves a little back story. You see, recently my wife and I went on vacation to a rather large, well known theme park resort. Mark happened to have some connections at that resort (I won't divulge the nature of those connections, assuming that's something of his own choosing to reveal) and he procured some V.I.P. seating at a couple of popular attractions. Ever since then, Mark and I have had a sort of running gag between us about it, and I believe that's the inspiration behind this strip. Regardless of its origin, I think he hit Fooker and Sharon's characters right on the spot. ;)


[[This is a guest strip written and drawn by Mark Mekkes of "Zortic" fame. Sharon and Fooker walk with long strides away from a theme park with a sign labeled "Example Pseudo-Town of Tomorrow". A security guard stands threateningly behind them as if banishing them from the premises.]]
Security: And stay out!!!
Sharon: Geez Fooker, did you have to get us thrown out?
Fooker: Yes, I'm sorry, but I did. A man has to do what he has to do.

[[Only Sharon's and Fooker's upper torsos and heads are visible]]
Sharon: [Annoyed] A man "has to" break into the rides and start reprogramming the attractions?
Fooker: [Angrily] Yes I did! How dare they call that the "world of the future" while they're still running CP/M and GeOS!

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