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[Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week]

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Ah, Trent has learned the error of his ways... or has he? You're never quite sure with Thomas K. Dye of Newshounds fame at the helm. Newshounds was perhaps the first comic I ever discovered online and it remains one of my favorites to this day. In fact, Thomas is partly responsible for GPF being online today; if it weren't for some of my early communications with him and his friendly advice, I may have pursued a more traditional publishing route instead of going to the Web. So... I guess GPF is partly Thomas' fault. ;) No, I could never blame anyone but myself for this mess. Make sure to give Newshounds a try if you haven't, or a second chance if you have. Trust me, it's worth it.


Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week

Guest Comic created by Thomas K. Dye

After the humiliating defeat in the lawsuit against Fred Physarum, Trent had a vision. He must atone for his cruel behavior against slime molds.

Many years passed until Trent finally found the answer, in a slime mold yoga camp ten miles north of Palakkad, India.

After he attained enlightenment and the blessing of the guru, Trent opened an abused slime mold care center in nearby Thiruvananthapuram.

That was until the Health Department shut them down because the whole thing was so ding-dong silly.

Trent: "Please! Think of the slime mold children!"
Police Officer: "They can live at the McDonald's a block down, now go away."

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