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[Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week]

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In case you didn't get enough of Dan Shive's handiwork in Sunday's guest strip, here's another! Dan gave me the Fred photo strip shortly after Comic-Con, but the idea for this one struck him sometime after "Assuming Arguendo" and he just couldn't help himself. Personally, I'm glad he couldn't. If for some bizarre reason you didn't check out El Goonish Shive on Sunday, make sure to rectify that situation today. You won't regret it.


[[Meanwhile, in the depths of Trent's nose!]]
Trent: sNoRe...

Schnozican leader: *FELLOW SCHNOZICANS!* For many a season we have dwelled in the nose of Trent. Prospering, *EXPANDING, making his nose grow to *RIDICULOUS PROPORTIONS!* But now, the Great Trent has been struck down, *DEFEATED!* By a massive sentient snot monster! His future is *FAR* too uncertain, and for our safety, we must *MIGRATE!*

Schnozican: But *WHERE*, oh Nosemaster? Where shall we go? Where *CAN* we go?!

Schnozican leader: *FEAR NOT!* For I have located a suitable host, complete with *POINTY NOSE* and *RED HAIR!*

[[The next morning!]]
Trent: Hey, my nose sewelling's gone down! Things are *LOOKING UP!*

[[Later, at GPF!]]
Fooker: Sharon, I'm going to ask you one last time; Did you, or did you *NOT* delete my "Women of the U.G.A" screensaver?!
Sharon: I didn't!

Fooker: Ha! I *KNEW* you were lying!

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