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[Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Monday, November 14, 2005]

You may not be able to tell who today's guest artist is unless you search for his signature, because he did an incredible job trying to imitate my art style. But believe it or not, this one's for Dr. Darren "Gav" Bleuel of Nukees, co-founder of Keenspot and Keen's Chief Whipping Boy. I've been following Nukees since before there even was a Keenspot, and I've had the honor of meeting Darren in person several times over the past five or so years. His strip is way too underrated and doesn't get nearly the traffic it truly deserves. Darren's mixture of science and humor is far too underappreciated. Make sure to give Nukees a look-see today. I promise you don't need a Ph.D. in nuclear physics to understand it. (Well, there was that one strip....)


[[This is a guest strip written and drawn by Darren Bleuel of the webcomic "Nukees". Ki, Fooker, and Fred are in the office. Fooker is standing in front of a computer, arms up and ready to type. Dwayne walks in and throws the front door open.]]
Dwayne: Attention, employees: GPF is changing its name!
Fooker: What?!

[[Dwayne presents to Sharon, Ki, Nick, and Fred, with a flowchart in the background.]]
Dwayne: "GPF" is outdated! We look like a dinosaur, we need to get with the times! What's the modern equivalent of a general protection fault?

[[Fooker replies, but his reply is occluded after 7 lines, like he caused everyone to stop listening to him.]]
Fooker: Well, our servers kernel panicked yesterday due to a DDOS ping flood on IRC port 6667 from a trojan-horsed-spyware-infected zombified network in conjunction with a...

[[Dwayne lifts a finger, like he's making a brilliant point. Ki has her hand on her chest, her other hand on Nick's shoulder.]]
Dwayne: Yeah! "Syntax Error!" That's our new name!
Ki: [to Nick] I never thought I'd be nostalgic for the blue screen of death!

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