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[Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Thursday, November 17, 2005]

As if he hasn't done enough already, here's yet another guest comic from Dan "El Goonish" Shive. I'm beginning to wonder when this man actually sleeps....


[[This is a guest strip written and drawn by Dan Shive of "El Goonish Shive". Nick is surprised by a dark-green flecked green bird that's larger than his head.]]
Bird: CA-CAW!
Nick: GAH!

[[Nick puts his hands on his hips, looking annoyed. The bird itself is shown to have a wingspan about 5 feet (1.5 meters).]]
Nick: Oh. It's you, Fred.
Fred: Pretty good, huh? I bet I could even fly in this form!
Nick: I'm pretty sure you can't.

[[Nick looks surprised, looking downward.]]
Fred: Oh yeah? Watch this! <JUMP!> <*SPLAT*>

[[Nick looks at Fred, while Dexter enters stage right.]]
Nick: ...Told you...
Dexter: Ew! Did someone throw up?!
Fred: [Thinking] This has not been one of my finer moments...

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