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[Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week]

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This one's from the immortal Steve Troop, creator of all things Melonpool. Steve and Melonpool seem to have a long connection with GPF. Even before his April Fools 1999 strip (which I still get compliments for being one of "my" best strips), Steve was one of the two artists whose online work convinced me to bring GPF to the Web instead of pursuing traditional media. Since then, the GPF cast has made numerous guest appearances in Melonpool and vice versa.

Melonpool is in an odd state of flux at the moment as Steve "reboots" the strip to take it in a new and exciting direction. While there isn't much in the archives to follow right now, it might be a good idea to get on the bandwagon now before he accumulates another nine years of exotic history.


Fooker: Have you been here at work all night?
Nick: Uh, yeah... I was... um defragging my... uh... buffer.

Fooker: "Defragging your buffer?"
Nick: Erm... I mean, I had to re-install Linus.

Fooker: You had to WHAT?!
Nick: My data processor needed a new widget and I had to... reboot...

Fooker: You got a MAC, didn't you?

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