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[Interpretations II: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Saturday, November 19, 2005]

I apologize for doing this, but unfortunately I didn't get as many guest artists to participate in this as I had hoped. So consider this an in-archive advertisement for our Keenspot PREMIUM exclusive Jeff's Sketchbook feature. If you like this little behind-the-scenes peek at GPF, you can find this and many other exclusive goodies here on our site just for PREMIUM subscribers. Just check out the GPF Premium preview page for a list of all that's available. Meanwhile, I chose this sketch because it seemed to fit well with the "Interpretations" theme. There's two more sketches in this sequence, but to find out who the other "guest" cartoonists are, you'll have to subscribe and check out the Sketchbook archives. (Sneaky, aren't I?) This one originally ran on April 7, 2003.

This was a pleasant surprise that I found while cleaning some old work stuff out of my briefcase. Ages ago, I came up with the idea of saying GPF was going on "hiatus," and that I was going to get some surprising names to fill in as guest artists. Of course, the entire thing would be a ruse, and I would imitate the writing and drawing styles of a number of well known professional syndicated cartoonists. So here's the gang "rendered" by Charles "Sparky" Schultz, creator of the immortal Peanuts. (Of course, Mr. Schultz was actually still alive when I originally planned this event.) Next, I'll show you the gang "drawn" by another classic cartoonist.


[[The image depicts some crudely drawn, rough concept sketches done in the style of Charles "Sparky" Schultz, the cartoonist of the immortal syndicated comic "Peanuts". From left to right, we see young versions of Trudy, Dwayne, Fooker, Ki, and Nick, with each character's name appear above their heads. The image appears to have been drawn on lined notebook paper, as some of the lines are still visible.]]

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