General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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To Thine Own Self...: Chapter One
I can't believe it! Your wedding is in only a few days! This is so exciting!
Trust me, I know.

So we're going to pick up your family, drop your dad and brother at the hotel, and we and your mom will head to the church. Is that right?
Yeah. And as soon as Lori and Nick's mom reach town, they'll join us.

I can't believe you're this calm! I'd be a nervous wreck by now!
Oh, I am nervous. I'm just too busy and overwhelmed to show it.

Mama! Papa! Welcome!
Aiya! so this is Sharon we hear so much about!

The ticket says "meal," written in plain English. What do we get? Cheese and crackers! That is no meal! and in-flight movie? "Herbie: Fully Loaded!" I will tell you what that car is loaded full of...

I see Dad's in a good mood this afternoon...
His doctor says he need more fiber in his diet...
Peanuts give me wind!

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