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[Comic for Monday, November 21, 2005]


[[Sharon and Ki are escorting Mrs. and Mr. Oshiro through the airport.]]
Ki: Um, haven't you two forgotten something?
Mr. Oshiro: Impossible. She packed virtually the entire house. There is nothing left to forget.

[[Zoom in on Ki and Mrs. Oshiro.]]
Ki: What about Yoshi?
Mrs. Oshiro: Oh, I am sorry. I forgot to tell you. He has major paper due next week. Senior project. He will fly in day before wedding.

[[Pan to Sharon and Ki, with Mrs. Oshiro's hair seen from the back.]]
Sharon: I thought you said he was only 15. He's already a high school senior?
Ki: College senior. He'll start his masters degree next semester. Told you he was smart.

[[Pan and zoom to all four in-frame.]]
Mr. Oshiro: Not smart enough. He waited until the last minute to start this project worth half his grade.
Sharon: They say laziness is one of the virtues of a good programmer.

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