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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Tuesday, November 22, 2005]


[[Linda and Charlie Wellington are getting off the plane at gate 18.]]
Linda: So Nick's not meeting us at the gate?
Charlie: No, he said he had to pick up some flowers and run them by the church.

[[The Wellingtons stop, looking for their ride.]]
Linda: So are we supposed to get a taxi or something?
Charlie: He said his friend would give us a ride to the hotel.

[[Continuing to look for their ride, starting to look annoyed.]]
Linda: Which friend is that?
Charlie: In Nick's words: "You'll know him when you see him."

[[Fooker stands next to a professional limo driver in his T-shirt and shorts, scratching his rump, while holding an upside-down sign spelling "WeLLiNGtON" with reversed "N"s]]
Linda: Then that must be him.
Charlie: You think?

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