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[[Fooker greets Mrs. and Mr. Wellington and the airport.]]
Fooker: [bowing] Hola, Señor and Señora Wellington! I'm Jason, but all my pals call me Fooker. I'm your son's best man and your chauffeur for today.

[[Mrs. Wellington speaks, while Fooker takes Mr. Wellington's bag.]]
Mrs. Wellington: Such an... interesting nickname you have there.
Fooker: It's a long story involving metasyntactic variables, a fish, and copious amounts of alcohol. It's best left to ancient history.

[[Fooker guides the Wellingtons to the waiting car.]]
Fooker: But your chariot awaits to whisk you away to your hotel and eventually to the church.
Mr. Wellington: Is that your car? It seems nicer than what Nick described.

[[Fooker talks to the Wellingtons, who take meaningful glance at each other.]]
Fooker: Actually, this is my girlfriend's. For some reason, she refused to let me pick you up in my car. I mean, it still has four wheels and a motor. That's all we really need, right?

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