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[[Sharon and Ki, looking sad, approach the church. Ki's mother, Mrs. Oshiro, walks several steps ahead of them, presumably out of earshot.]]
Ki: This is the part I'm dreading, Sharon...
Sharon: Decorating the church?
Ki: No! The meeting of the mothers!

Ki: They've never met. They come from such different backgrounds. They have absolutely nothing in common save that their child is marrying into a totally unknown family.

[[Ki looks scared and hides behind Sharon's back. Sharon looks smug.]]
Ki: I know Mrs. Wellington has been so nice to me, but how will she react to my mom? and Mama's usually so sweet, but she has a fiery tempter. What if... if they...?
Sharon: Get introduced by Nick while you ramble on?
[[In the distance, we see Nick standing between the two mothers, gesturing.]]

[[Ki now looks *very* scared and hides behind Sharon. Sharon still looks smug.]]
Sharon: I seriously doubt there's going to be any explosions...
Ki: Still, you're just tall enough to be an effective blast shield.

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