General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[In the church, Sharon and Ki talk while Nicole, Sydney, Mrs Wellington, and Mrs. Oshiro set up decorations.]]
Sharon: I like how you're keeping things simple, Ki. It sure makes decorating quicker and easier.

[[Nicole puts a box away, while Sharon and Ki talk in the foreground.]]
Ki: Well, I thought that since this church is so pretty on its own, why add too much to it? And Nick and I want the ceremony itself to be the centerpiece, not the decorations.

[[Nicole interjects]]
Nicole: Where are the guys? I thought some of them were supposed to be helping us...
Ki: [looking smug] I set them to a task that will keep them out of our hair...

[[Fooker shows of a computer screen to Nick, Dexter, Fred, Dwayne, Mr. Wellington, Tim, and Scott]]
Fooker: So now that we've run the Ethernet, this machine will act as the central hub for all streaming audio and video to the Web.

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