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[[Sydney, Nicole, Sharon, Mrs. Oshiro, Mrs. Wellington, Ki, Patty, and Persephone finish their work to prepare the church for the wedding.]]
Ki: Well, that's most of the decorations. Anything that's left we'll handle after the rehearsal tomorrow.
Persephone: Ooh! Ooh! Ki!

[[Persephone and Ki talk while Mrs. Oshiro watches.]]
Persephone: I know this is somewhat last minute, but can I be one of your bridesmaids?
Ki: Um, Persephone, usually it's the bride that asks, not the other way around. And I've already got three bridesmaids.

Ki: Sharon's my maid of honor, and Nicole and Nick's sister are the others. If we added you, the party would be uneven.
Persephone: I thought Fred was going to be a groomsman...

[[Sharon interjects.]]
Sharon: I think Nick offered, but he wanted to maintain a low profile to avoid the paparazzi.
Persephone: Then can I be the flower girl?
[[Mrs. Wellington's phone rings.]]

Ki: I'm sorry, but I've already asked Sydney to be our flower girl.
Persephone: But... but I so much wanted to be a part of your wedding...

Sydney: [looking happy] Perseffome can be my co-flower girl if she wants to!
Persephone: Ooh! Can I? Can I?
Sharon: [To Ki] Something tells me you should jump at this compromise.

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