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[[Trish has answered Ki's phone call.]]
Trish: [smiling] Why, no, it's not a bad time! I just walked in the door. What can I do for you?

Trish: [concerned] They stole her car? How terrible! Will she make it in in time for the wedding...? What are you going to do to find a replacement?

Trish: [smiling] Oh, my! Ki, I'd be honored! Yes, I understand I'm a "fill-in". If Lori shows up, I'll step aside. Yes, I think I saw that gown at the shop. And I think they may even have it in my size. I'll check first thing in the morning. Right. See you there!

[[She hangs up the phone and grins malevolently, holding a small ring of keys.]]
Trish: [to herself] Too bad Lori's car is now at the bottom of a lake. I guess now she won't be needing these keys, poor dear...

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