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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Thursday, December 1, 2005]


[[Sharon and Ki foreground at the church during set-up for the wedding. In the background, Nicole, Patty, and Mrs. Oshiro confer.]]
Sharon: So when are you going to tell Nick that you just asked Trish to be Lori's replacement bridesmaid?
Ki: Um, well, the rehearsal's tomorrow...

[[We see Sharon and Ki close up.]]
Sharon: Ki, you know Nick doesn't like or trust Trish! He's not going to like this...
Ki: I know, but who else are we going to ask? Mercedes de la Croix? One of the moms?

[[Sharon and Ki walk across the room.]]
Ki: Nick will understand once I explain all the details. And just to be certain, I'll make sure he gets plenty of chocolate before I tell him. He's always easier to convince with a chocolate bribe.

[[As Sharon and Ki continue, Nick leans around a corner.]]
Sharon:I don't know... he likes chocolate more than any woman I know, but I think you'll need it extra dark this time...
Nick: Did someone say dark chocolate?

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