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[[Fooker is making a final systems check at the wedding, querying each of the techs involved. First up, Scott and Tim, who are manning sound and video.]]
Fooker: Station Gemini: Is the farmer in the dell?
Tim: A/V control center is online and ready to go!

Fooker: [querying Dexter] Station Poseidon: Does the River Styx flow onward to Hades?
Dexter: [saluting] Aye, aye captain! We are live on the Web with broadband speed!

Fooker: [querying Fred, who is "standing" in front of several routers] Station Gotham: Ever danced with the Devil by the pale moonlight?
Fred: Gigabit Ethernet network is up and operating at peak efficiency.

[[Nick's father (Charles Wellington) has been watching with Dwayne, and whispers sotto voce to him.]]
Charles: You might want to tell Nick that his friend is going a little bit overboard.
Fooker: Mayday! The fox is in the hen house! Mayday!

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