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[[Nick and Ki, accompanied by their parents Charles and Linda Wellington and Mr. and Mrs. Oshiro, stand in front of the rest of the wedding party. Nick addresses everybody.]]
Nick: We'd like to thank everyone for coming to our rehearsal dinner, and for sharing this happy occasion with us.

Nick: We're keeping things pretty informal, so grab a plate and dig in. Since Rev. Phisher has a prior engagement, we'll eat first, then meet him at the church for the rehearsal.
Ki: Let's eat, everybody!

[[As the line starts through the buffet people are talking to each other.]]
Mrs. Oshiro: [to Linda Wellington] A buffet-style dinner... different, but good idea, I think...
Linda Wellington: [to Mrs. Oshiro] With this many varied tastes, it seemed appropriate.
Scott: [to Linda Wellington] A most bounteous feast, Mrs. Wellington. My deepest compliments.
Patty: [to Scott] Laying it on a bit thick, aren't we, Scott?
Dex: Mmm... Roasted chicken, ribs, salmon... where do I start?
Sharon: [glaring at Dex] Where are you going to STOP? Save some for the others.
Nicole Duncan: [to Fooker] There are even some moldy leftovers in the back for the molds.
Charles Wellington: [To Nicole] We tried to think of everyone!

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