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[[Patty is talking with Ki about her choice of Trish as a replacement bridesmaid.]]
Patty: Ki, I wanted to ask you about choosing Trish to be a bridesmaid...
Ki: Well, unless Lori can find transportation or you change your mind, she's all I've got.

Patty: The thing is, I think she's not all she seems to be...
Ki: Trish is an enigma. I don't think ANY of us have her completely figured out.

[[Patty and Ki watch as Trish walks up to Nick, who is standing a short distance away.]]
Trish: [smiling] So, Nick! Did you happen to bring any of those nifty inventions with you this evening?

[[Ki's watches coldly as Patty folds her arms a shoots a knowing glance toward the audience.]]
Trish: I'd think flirting with the groom would be easy enough to figure out...

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