General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Trish is continuing to question Nick about his inventions.]]
Nick: Why are you so curious about my inventions?
Trish: Oh, you silly goose! I TOLD you! I'm fascinated by them. And you never shared your notes like I asked.

Nick: Well, I don't have any notes to really share. When the Inventor's Gene strikes, I just build. I don't have time to take notes.
Trish: Ooh... I'd love to see how you work when inspiration strikes.

Trish: [Intensely, her hands up like claws near her face.] Your hands, covered in sweat and grease, nimbly connecting circuits... your arms deftly manipulating metal and plastic as those muscles flex, your back rippling with each movement as you piece together your masterpiece...

[[The scene shifts, and we see that Trish has basically climbed up Nick's chest and is face-to-face with him, even though he's leaning backward to try to keep his distance.]]
Nick: [sternly] Um, Trish... personal space?
Trish: Oops. "Naughty Trish" slipped out for a sec.

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