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[[Fooker and Sharon are driving home from the rehearsal dinner. Sharon is driving, while Fooker stares out the side window.]]
Sharon: That dinner was lovely! The Wellingtons sure pulled out all the stops. And the Oshiros have really made the church look wonderful...

Sharon: [noticing Fooker's distraction] Hey, are you okay? You've been distracted all evening.
Fooker: Huh? Oh, sorry. The mashed potatoes aren't agreeing with me.

Sharon: [suspiciously] I doubt that. This is about that call from your brother last night, isn't it?
Fooker: Okay, yeah. But don't bring it up in front of the others.

Fooker: Justin wanted to alert me to a... recent development with the U.G.A. That's why we used the encryption matrix. Something big has happened, and he wanted me to know before I heard from somewhere else.

Sharon: [sadly] They're... not asking you to come back, are they?
Fooker: No, but I'll want to keep in touch with him. This has the potential to be huge.

Fooker: [turning to stare sadly out the window again] It looks like some skeletons are coming out of the closet, and Nick and Ki do NOT need to be dealing with that right now...

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