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[[Nick and Ki are at the church for the rehearsal as Sharon and Fooker walk through the door.]]
Ki: Okay, everyone who needs to be here is here, except the pastor. We can get started shortly.
Nick: Where's Trish?

Ki: [turning, and indicating Trish talking to Scott] Over there, flirting with Scott instead of you for a change.
Nick: [glaring at Trish] Good. I was hoping she'd finally break orbit.

Ki: She really latched on to you tonight. Obviously our impending wedding isn't much of a deterrent.
Nick: Actually, all she's talked about has been my inventions.

Nick: If I didn't know any better, I'd say she'd rather have sex with my machines than me.
Ki: [smiling and embracing Nick] Well, then that's where the two of us differ.

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