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[[At the church, Nick and Ki's wedding rehearsal is completing it first run through.]]
Rev. Phisher: And then we turn, and I announce, "I present to you Mr. and Mrs Nicholas Wellington."

Rev. Phisher: Okay, Let's take a five minute break. Then we'll run through it one more time.
Trish: [looking anxious] Heh, time for a health break!

[[Trish leaves, while the rest gather near the front of the church.]]
Ki: We need to work a little on the timing, but other than that, I think we've got it down pat.
Nick: Looks like everything's going according to plan.

[[Instead of the bathroom, Trish has entered the temporary server room that Fooker has set up. She carefully closes the door behind her.]]
Trish: [Thinking to herself, smiling evilly] Everything's going according to plan...

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