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[[At the church, Trish has left the wedding party and has sneaked into the temporary server room that Fooker has set up.]]
Trish: [Thinking to herself] Back here in the church office is all the A/V equipment for the wedding. I thought I saw... Yes! Nick's duffle bag!

[[Trish opens Nick's duffle and removes an item.]]
Trish: [Thinking] And just as I had hoped! This modified PDA has remote access to virtually all of his inventions! He never leaves home without it!

[[She grins evilly.]]
Trish: [Thinking] Two and a half years of planning, stalking, setbacks, and spying! and finally I have access to the one thing to complete my mission! NOTHING can stop me now!

[Back at the front of the church Ki scowls.]]
Ki: Did you just hear maniacal laughter?

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