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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Friday, December 16, 2005]


[Nick opens the door to the church office, which Fooker has transformed into a temporary server room for the wedding and where Trish has hidden and stolen Nick's PDA.]]
Nick: Trish? Are you in here?
Trish: [startled] GAH!

[[Fooker joins Nick as Trish scuttles away from the two of them. They glare warily at her.]]
Fooker: What are you doing in here?
Nick: Hey! That's my PDA! How did you get that?
Trish: I-it's not what it looks like!

[[Fooker restrains Trish as Nick recovers his PDA and looks at its screen.]]
Fooker: I'll bet it's not! What was she doing, Nick?
Nick: She was using the remote satellite access to tunnel into my home network. The link is still active...

[[Ki joins Nick and Fooker.]]
Nick: She was trying to access... the MUTEX?
Ki: But... How did she even KNOW about that?

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