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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Fooker and Nick are walking up the stairs outside Nick's apartment, Dexter is standing by the car at the foot of the stairs.]]
Fooker: Hooboy! 3 AM! Bet that's the latest you're ever gotten home, eh, nick?
Nick: Heh, well, the latest in a long while.

Fooker: I'm bettin' there'll be folks kickin' themselves for missing out on that wild little shindig!
Nick: Wild? Somehow I doubt "Pizza, sodas and some DVDs" counts as wild.

[[Fooker and Nick have reached the door to Nick's apartment, Nick is inserting his key in the lock.]]
Fooker: Hey, I've got a reputation to uphold for anyone eavesdropping. Still, I know my Nickmeister, and I know you're not into crazy stag parties and such. I just wanted you to have one last night out with the boys.

[[Nick is opening the door to his apartment, a shadow of a person's head can be seen on the inside wall to the right of the door.]]
Nick: Well, I couldn't ask for a better bachelor party. Thanks again, and remind Dexter to lay off those Jedi fighting moves until he loses a few pounds.

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