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[[Nick looks at Ki, who is dressed in lingerie]]
Nick: [Wide-eyed, a little flustered] Um, this is a slightly different look for you...
Ki: [Leaning towards him] Like it? I've been ready to BUST, waiting to show it to you.

[[She embraces Nick, smiling suggestively.]]
Nick: Well, we only have a few more hours until the wedding, then we're off on our honeymoon. Are you sure you don't want to wait until--
Ki: [Interrupting] I'm TIRED of waiting.

[[Ki pulls Nick close, as he starts to sweat nervously.]]
Ki: How about we eliminate those wedding night jitters with an early morning head start, hmm, stud? Who's going to count a few little hours.

[[Ki holds Nick, who is growing increasing flustered. He tries to turn his head away, but Ki responds by putting her tongue in his ear.]]
Nick: I was trying to, but for some reason, I seemed to lose count...

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