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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Monday, December 26, 2005]


[[Yoshi sits in front of an opened panel of an unknown device, working on something we can't see. As he works he's thinking to himself.]
Yoshi: [thinking] Crap... I screwed it up again. Dang it, Yoshi... Why are you still doing this?

[[He pulls back a little ways from the device, still seated. He looks down at the wrench in his hand.]]
Yoshi: [thinking] It's not like you haven't lied to Mom and Dad before. That "senior project" was turned in weeks ago. You just wanted time alone to work on THIS...

[[He looks up at the device.]]
Yoshi: [thinking] Why are you still fascinated by it? S1r3n gave you the plans two years ago. And despite "FBI" raids and her insistence that you destroy it, you keep tinkering.

[[He holds the end of the device's power cord next to the end of an extension cord, preparing to plug it in.]]
Yoshi: Weapon. Power source. I still don't know EXACTLY what it does. But that's why I'm finally going to boot this bad boy up.

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