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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Smirking at his assembled computer network]] Yoshi: Heh... this is wicked! I've never seen code that complex compile so quickly! I've got my own juiced up server farm! Who needs Cray?

[[Walking away from the network]] Yoshi: Okay, so Nick's VR code compiles. Big whoop. I've got my old software interface I kludged together to hack his version, but it won't be the same without his hardware.

[[Rummaging through a pile of parts]] Yoshi: Hmm... I've got his specs. I wonder if I could cobble something together from my spare parts. I'll need some pretty advanced optics, but it COULD work...

[[Holding up a video camera]] Yoshi: Of course, if Dad didn't WANT me to tear apart his video camera, he should have remembered to take it to his daughter's wedding...

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