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[[To Thine Own Self...: Chapter Two.]]
[[People are arriving at the church for Ki and Nick's wedding. Each panel is another individual (or party) arriving at the front steps of the church. First, we see Ki storming the steps, scowling at Sharon who is holding the door open for her.]]
Ki: Gah! I am running SO late! Sharon, one of these days, I'm going to get you back for keeping me out last night! [[Sharon just grins in reply.]]

Sharon: [still grinning as they walk through the church foyer] Just think of it as preparation for tonight. It's not like you'll be getting any sleep...
Ki: [still scowling] Poor Nick is going to have to wait. I'll be crank calling you all night long.

[[We see Dwayne and Nicole approaching the steps. Dwayne is holding Sydney, and both are smiling.]]
Nicole: Isn't this fun, Dwayne? It kind of reminds me of our wedding...
Dwayne: I've been waiting for this day for almost seven years...

[[We see Fooker approaching the steps. He looks around furtively, then speaks to Fred (who is hiding under Fooker's hat).]]
Fooker: Fred, I've checked. There are no paparazzi anywhere in sight.
Fred: Keep your voice down. You could use the "hair gel".

[[We see Dexter nearing the steps, with Tim and Scott waiting for him. Dex is reading from a list that he's holding in his hand.]]
Dex: Shaving cream, balloons, streamers, cans, glass chalk, can of sardines...
Scott: Inventory for "decorating" Nick's car?
Dex: Yep!

[[We see Patty, thinking to herself as she climbs the stairs.]]
Patty: [thinking] OK, Patty... You can do this. It's just a wedding. It's not even YOURS. So what are the odds you'll screw this one up too?

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