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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Tuesday, January 10, 2006]


[[Dwayne, Nicole, Scott, Dexter, and Patty are in a discussion]]
Dwayne: We can function without Yoshi. But not without a groom. Has anyone heard from Fooker yet?
Dexter: Nope. I'll give him a ring.

[[Sharon peeks out from the bridal changing room]]
Sharon: We're all set. How's everything else?
Nicole: We're ready, minus a couple notable exceptions.

[[Dexter is dialing his cell phone]]
Sharon: Exceptions? Aren't we cutting things down to the wire?
Dexter: Fooker's not answering his cell. I'll try Nick's again.

[[A silhouette of Fooker appears in the doorway. Fooker appears to be holding something]]
Fooker: Don't bother.

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