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Linda Wellington: Thank you for telling us, Mr. Duncan.
Dwayne: I promise we're doing everything to find out what's going on.

Mrs. Oshiro: Aiya. This is terrible. Your son does not seem the type to run from his own wedding.
Linda Wellington: He's not, so I agree with Fooker that something has happened.

Mr. Oshiro, scowling: Bah! I _knew_ he was untrustworthy! At least _my_ child is here.
Charles Wellington: Actually, your _son_ still hasn't arrived, so we're technically one-for-one.

{{Actually, Yoshi has arrived, supporting someone who appears to be Trudy from another universe
reality, but Dwayne must not have mentioned this when he told the parents about Nick's disappearance.}}

Linda Wellington: Technically, dear, we're down two, since Lori can't get here.
Charles Wellington: Quite right. I guess it doesn't look good for the Wellingtons...
Mr. Oshiro, looking enraged, totally disgusted, or both: BAH!

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