General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Dwayne speaks to Ki. In the background, the woman who looks like Trudy is sitting, with Fooker looking at her.]]
Dwayne: Most of the guests have left. Nick's dad is handling the last few stragglers.
Ki: Thanks, Dwayne.

[[ Dwayne speaks to Fooker. ]]
Dwayne: Oh, and I just saw a couple of black SUVs and a van pull up. I'll bet the cavalry has arrived.
Fooker: Gotcha, chief.

[[Dwayne and Nicole are in the background. Dwayne's arm is around Nicole's shoulders. In the foreground, Ki glares at the woman who resembles Trudy, who is drinking something from a glass. ]]
Dwayne: Nicole, why don't you and the contractors go see if Nick's dad needs any help...
Nicole: Um, okay...

[[Ki and Yoshi are behind the Trudy-clone. Ki is frowning. Yoshi's expression is neutral, perhaps worried. Ki addresses Yoshi. ]]
Ki: We need to have a _very_ long talk once the dust settles.

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