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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Mr. Oshiro: So this assignment you put off until the last minute did not even EXIST?!
Yoshi: Look, this wedding isn't going anywhere, so what does it matter if I was late?

Mr. Oshiro: I do not know which is worse, a son who procrastinates, or a son who lies to his parents to fraternise with an older woman!
Yoshi: It's not like that! She needed my help!

Mr. Oshiro: Indeed! I am sure this "Trudy" person has only served to further your "education." I was 15 once. I know what sort of "education" you probably sought!
[[Yoshi, with shocked look, notices Agent 18]]

Agent 18: Heh ...
[[Yoshi attempts to hide behind the collar of his coat]]

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