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[[Sharon closes the door to the bridal changing room as Ki undoes her hairstyle with a hair roller, looking sad]]
Sharon: Does this... "Pseudo-Trudy" bother you as much as she bothers me?
Ki: Sharon, right now I don't know up from purple.

Ki: What was I thinking, asking Trish to be a bridesmaid, after all that's happened with her? And "Pseudo-Trudy"... All we have on her is Fooker's word that she's not "our" Trudy. But I was ready to rip her limb from limb. Have I gone completely mental?

[[Sharon leans forward]]
Sharon: After all Trudy did in the past, I could understand your anger toward her "twin." As to Trish, you've been under a lot of stress this week, with very little sleep. You're not firing on all thrusters.

Sharon: You've got a rather obsessive father that you're trying to please, and you're worried about offending the Wellingtons. And now with Nick missing, you've lost your last real source of strength.

[[Sharon and Ki look sad]]
Sharon: Honestly, if I would have been in your position, I would have already gone into "Sharon smash!" mode and gone bridezilla all over the place.
Ki: Thanks. I think.

[[Ki leans her head on Sharon's shoulder as Sharon looks uncomfortable]]
Ki: Do you think time just had a Blue Screen of Death, and we could just reboot today?
Sharon: If we can, can we skip the part where "Trudy" looks at me like I'm made of chocolate?

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