General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Dexter, Dwayne, Sharon, Ki, and Justin, Agent #12, and Agent #18 are assembled. Fooker peeks in the door behind Dexter]]
Agent #12: Okay, now that everyone's assembled, let's review what we know. Nick Wellington has disappeared. While he supposedly left Ms. Oshiro this "Dear John" letter, it is the agreement of his friends that this is uncharacteristic of him. It must be fake.

Agent #12: A forensic sweep of his apartment by Team Beta turned up nothing, nor has our surveillance equipment picked up anything unusual.
Ki: Surveillance equipment? You had Nick bugged?

Agent #12: Nick has been labelled a "person of interest" ever since the New York incident in 2002.
Agent #18: When you invent the most powerful weapon known to man, people tend to take notice.

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